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Does Mountain School sound like a good fit for your child?

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A few things about Mountain School you may not know:

  • We are a magnet school, and students may enroll and attend regardless of their geographic location if there is availability.
  • Transportation services are available for students who do not live in Gasquet and they can be bused to school.
  • Mountain School is an environmental education school.
  • Your child may enroll at any time of the year!

Mountain Elementary School, located in Gasquet, CA, is a unique educational institution that takes a holistic approach to learning. The school offers classes for students ranging from Transitional Kindergarten to 8th grade and is committed to providing a comprehensive education that includes an emphasis on environmental education and sustainability.

At Mountain Elementary School, students are encouraged to develop a deep appreciation for nature and the environment through hands-on experiences and outdoor activities. The school's curriculum integrates environmental education into all aspects of learning, from science and math to language arts and social studies.

The school provides opportunities for students to engage in nature-based learning experiences such as nature study, hiking excursions, and visits to local wildlife preserves. Through these experiences, students learn about conservation, ecology, and sustainability, and develop a sense of responsibility for preserving the natural world.

Overall, Mountain Elementary School is a unique and valuable institution that provides students with a well-rounded education that emphasizes environmental awareness, sustainability, and academic excellence.